Thump: The First Bundred Days a Basket of Political Adorables

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Thump The First Bundred Days

Since running for (and subsequently winning) the office of President, Donald Trump has been compared to many things and called many names. Most of them have not been very nice. And even the nice comparisons have never equated the man with a cuddly bunny.

Every administration spawns collections of political cartoons that critique the administration and the policies. But Timothy Lim, Mark Pellegrini, and Brett R. Smith have gone against that grain, and produced a collection of, quite frankly, adorable anthropomorphic cartoons documenting the Trump administration in three acts, beginning with the declaration, then the campaign, and finally the inauguration.

THUMP: THE FIRST BUNDRED DAYS chronicles in single-page portraits the journey of Donald Thump and his running mate, Marlon Bundo Pence (the Second Family's actual pet bunny, for those not in the know). Along the way, we'll see him get assistance from some corners, and attacked from others. Always, the fuzzy little Thump comes out on top, as the rhyming narrative makes clear.

"I'm quite proud of THUMP, not only because its the very first piece of Pro-Trump pop culture that is out there in the market, among countless negative pop culture books devoted to tearing down Trump, but Im also very proud of it because it has great appeal to parents who want to discuss Trump with their kids," says Smith, who co-authored and served as the book's creative director, production manager, and editor (duties he also performed for Steve Bannon on CLINTON CASH: A GRAPHIC NOVEL). "We are witnessing entertainment, tech, and even teachers pounding into kid's heads that Trump is evil and their parents are bad for supporting him. Thump will be a tool for parents to be able to talk about Trump to their kids -- everyone loves cute rabbits. So the book was originally geared for all Trump Supporters but also has a kind of Pixar dynamic where it can appeal to both the young and old alike. There are over 60 million Trump voters and this book is for them and for their kids."

The illustrations are absolutely charming, although sharing it with younger children might have a few uncomfortable moments (as the authors acknowledge the Spirit Cooking controversy on one page). But even those moments are done in such a humorous manner and enchanting style. It's fun to see the different political characters represented as various animals. (I bet you can all guess who Manatee, Thrush, and T.Rex are!)

The book comes out on Halloween and has already sold out it's first printing in pre-orders.

5.0 / 5.0