Knight Moves: Gotham Episode 407, "A Day in the Narrows"

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Gotham - A Day in the Narrows

Professor Pyg (MICHAEL CERVERIS) continues to plague the GCPD, delivering 44 boxes of severed pigs heads to the precinct -- one for every cop there except for one: Jim Gordon (BEN MCKENZIE). That's because Pyg believes that Jim is the only good cop on the force and the rest are stooges for Penguin (ROBIN LORD TAYLOR). And he's not wrong. With the "Pax Penguina" in full effect, crime has dropped but only because Penguin only allows crimes if he has granted a license, which the police are forced to honor in exchange for the lower crime numbers.

Pyg -- short for Pygmalion, for reasons the Professor explains to Jim during a phone conversation -- has kidnapped a handful of cops and has taken them to The Narrows, a crime-ridden area of Gotham where people don't give up their secrets easily. Bullock (DONAL LOGUE) brings in the entire force to canvass and question, Penguin brings his own enforces, including a killer named Headhunter (KYLE VINCENT TERRY), who carries two guns. "The first shot does the job. The second? Well, that's just my signature!" That's his line. Together, they take the alley buildings one floor at a time, terrorizing the residents until they get a statement from someone, which leads them to two of the missing cops -- one dead, and one still alive.

From the live cop, Gordon gets a clue as to where Pyg may have taken the other missing cop -- an abandoned courthouse in The Narrows. But before he can go in, Harvey and Penguin intercept him and go in en masse, ignoring Gordon's warnings that it's a trap.

In other storylines, Selina (CAMREN BICONDOVA) is still eager to prove to Barbara (ERIN RICHARDS) that they should continue to be business partners, despite the end of Barbara's role in the Ras al Ghul plot. Ignoring Tabitha (JESSICA LUCAS), Selina goes in alone to rob the stash of a violent biker gang, only to find herself in need of help. Tabitha comes to her aid, but what will Barbara do? This trio looks to be the forerunner of the current team of Gotham City Sirens.

Bruce Wayne (DAVID MAZOUZ) meanwhile is still bitter and angry, taking it out on everyone, including Alfred (SEAN PERTWEE). When an old classmate asks him if he'd like to skip out on his charity fundraiser, she takes him to a smaller party with other former classmates, including Tommy Elliott, whom Bruce had punched in the face. Tommy seems to have changed, but he's got a real jackass of a buddy named Brant with him whom Bruce fantasizes about beating into jelly. They go off to a club where Brant's influence has no weight. That's when Bruce steps forward to the bouncer and is immediately let in alone. Moments later, he returns, and the bouncer allows everyone in but Brant, who demands to speak with the owner. That would be Bruce Wayne, who just bought the place, and takes Tommy and the two girls they are with on a night of underage drinking and dancing until he passes out.

"A Day in the Narrows" is a turning point for the series, if the events at the precinct continue to play out the way they have. Gordon's actions have had an impact, and the other cops have all taken notice. He may no longer be the only one fighting the good fight. But where does that leave Harvey Bullock after his role in the tragic events that went down?

4.5 / 5.0