Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 306, "Vegas With Some Radish"

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Lucifer 306 Vegas With Some Radish

It's Chloe's birthday, and Lucifer (TOM ELLIS) receives a disturbing phone call from the Las Vegas Police Department. It seems his ex-wife, Candy (LINDSEY GORT) has been murdered. It also turns out she's not his ex-wife, since it takes a year to annul these sorts of things. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to go alone, because while Chloe (LAUREN GERMAN) is distracted by the birthday stripper, Ella (AIMEE GARCIA), overhears that Lucifer is going to Vegas and assigns herself to be his travel buddy.

Right away, Lucifer determines that the body they find is not Candy's. He also learns that his initial suspect, the loan shark to whom she once owed money, is also not the suspect but is in fact another victim. The true murderer may be the loan shark's wife, and the duo track her down to a specific casino. To attract her attention, Lucifer plays high-roller with the blackjack table as a very anxious and antsy Ella watches on, then coaches, then finally takes over. Turns our our favorite CSI girl has a hidden talent -- she's a card counter. And she's been banished from this casino before. Further, she confides in Lucifer that the card counting is a coping mechanism to quiet "the voices" -- and that's all we find out about that!

Back in Los Angeles, Chloe is completely off her game that Lucifer ditched her on her birthday. She goes to Dr. Martin (RACHAEL HARRIS) to see if she knows where Lucifer went, and the two end up at Lucifer's penthouse, drinking his top shelf and dancing a la RISKY BUSINESS in just their shirts and socks. But when they discover Lucifer's hidden safe, they decide it's time to find out something about their enigmatic friend.

"Vegas With Some Radish" was a fun episode that showcases Ellis's musical talents, as he puts on a singing floorshow. Getting some more character development on Ella was also a welcome event. And while we still get no further information on The Sinnerman, a peek at this episode on IMDb does happen to list The Sinnerman in the credits, listing KEVIN CARROLL as the man behind the identity we're waiting to see.

4.5 / 5.0