Johnny Galecki confirmed to return for Roseanne revival

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I have been pretty excited about the return of ROSEANNE.  Ignoring the last season, ROSEANNE remains one of my all-time favorite comedy shows.  Part of me wants to be jaded about all the revivals and remakes we get on TV, but I actually loved the X-FILES and PRISON BREAK revivals, not to mention WILL AND GRACE has been getting a ton of positive buzz.  As long as these shows are being done with love and respect for the audience, I am all for them coming back.

One of the biggest questions about the ROSEANNE revival has been “What about David?”  Throughout most of the show, Roseanne’s daughter Darlene dated a boy named David, who was played by Johnny Galecki.  Johnny Galecki has gone on to great success on THE BIG BANG THEORY, and it was never clear if he would be able to (or even interested) to appear in ROSEANNE.

Earlier this week, it was finally been confirmed in Variety and US Magazine that Johnny Galecki would be back for at least one episode. 

And then yesterday, Galecki confirmed it, posting this image on Instagram with the caption:

21 YEARS LATER...! Apart from being born, possibly the most surreal experience of my life. Deep thanks to my Big Bang Theory family for knowing the importance of visiting one’s roots and loaning me out for a quick minute. Much ❤.

This is awesome news and makes me even more excited about this return.

Though we still do have one big question…how did Dan come back from the dead?  Are we getting zombie John Goodman, or is ABC just going to forget everything that happened in the final season (I HOPE SO).