Dick Tracy series from Archie coming in April

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From the Hollywood Reporter:

Fire up your 2-Way Wrist TVs! Heat Vision can exclusively reveal that Archie Comics is bringing Dick Tracy back to comic books with a new series focusing on his early days as a detective, launching next April.

The monthly series will be co-written by Archie Comics co-president Alex Segura and Michael Moreci, whose résumé includes Image Comics’ Roche Limit and Hoax Hunters and the upcoming novel Black Star Renegades, with art from New York-based illustrator Thomas Pitilli, who has previously worked on covers for Riverdale and The Archies.

“The term ‘dream come true’ is a painful cliche, but also extremely accurate in this situation,” Segura tells Heat Vision. “I have vivid memories of being completely obsessed with Dick Tracy as a kid when the movie hit, and that sent me back to explore the amazing Chester Gould strips up through Max Allan Collins' superb work and the current, excellent dailies by Mike Curtis and Joe Staton. In my eyes, Tracy is an iconic character on par with Batman and Superman, and it makes perfect sense for another 75-year- old, iconic brand in Archie to be bringing him back to monthly comics.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Commentary: I used to read the Dick Tracy comic strips when I was a kid. I always thought it was a real fun comic, and I absolutely loved the bad guys.  They were just so cool and over-the-top.  I actually would be very interested in seeing what Archie can do with the character and mythos.

Alex Segura has written quite a few Archie comics I really enjoyed like ARCHIE MEETS KISS and THE ARCHIES.  He should definitely be able to bring a fresh spin to Dick Tracy.  I had no idea I needed this comic until it was announced, but definitely adding it to my pull list.