The Last Jedi Reflects Internal Conflicts We All Face

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The Last Jedi

St. Louis -- Michelle Reeves

(This review contains material that may be considered by some as spoiler.)

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS was slow, as it introduced new characters, and ended with Rey facing the missing Luke Skywalker, thus building into STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

Without really knowing what to expect from TLJ, I went in with an open mind.  After a lengthy period of time, Rey finally convinces Luke Skywalker to assist the Resistance, after he initially refuses. He also reluctantly starts teaching Rey to be a Jedi. 

The film excellently portrayed the struggle between good and evil within us.  Rey converses with Kylo Ren, trying to learn about who he really is.  Using the Force, she sees and feels the conflict within Kylo--the same conflict we all face individually between right and wrong, good and evil, restraint and temptation. 

While Rey is off persuading Luke to help the Resistance, Finn and a new character, Rose, are off to battle with the First Order. In a display of power, the First Order starts overtaking the Resistance, who hold off as long as possible with their shields. Much of the Resistance is lost in this battle, and attempts to escape the First Order result in a further dwindling of their numbers.

The score was excellently done, and keeps you involved in the movie, with intensity during fight scenes creating bonds with the Resistance and the hope they have to win, to dramatic swells during the First Order scenes.

Introduction of new characters, and Porgs, added humor throughout the movie. There’s a special appearance by Yoda, and the question of a new love interest for Finn.

Confliction of good and evil is within us. But so is the battle for love. Like the Resistance, all we need is hope.

4.0 / 5.0