Bruce Willis Heads Remake of Action Thriller DEATH WISH, and It's Glorious

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The iconic Charles Bronson film gets a modern remake from Director Eli Roth, and on first blush it looks like the new DEATH WISH is going to be an action-packed thrill-ride audiences are going to love. Bruce Willis takes on the role of Dr. Paul Kersey, a surgeon whose finally had enough of the city's violence when it invades his own home and takes his wife from him.

Let's take a moment to enjoy the trailer, shall we?

Naturally, Willis has a bit more humor to him than Bronson exhibited in 1974. The wisecracks take me back to the 1980s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was making the killing joke a cinema hallmark. Willis wears the attitude well as he hunts down the street animals. But I've got to say, seeing Willis wander the streets looking for a fight while wearing that hoodie makes me nostalgic for some more UNBREAKABLE.

DEATH WISH is going on my 2018 watch list!