Who is Voyager? (Avengers: No Surrender)

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In Marvel Legacy and Avengers: No Surrender, we are led to believe that a character named Voyager has retconned herself into Marvel history.  But unlike Sentry or Blue Marvel, it seems that everyone in comics' memories have been rewritten to believe that Voyager was there all along (Blue Marvel and Sentry were written as if they were always there). Voyager is a big part of Avengers: No Surrender...but the question is: is Voyager a new character or someone we’ve seen already?  

I’ve got my guesses, so let’s get right to them:

Viv Vision: In the last issue of Champions, we had two versions of Viv Vision. The human version that High Evolutionary created, and the new robot version Vision built when he thought his daughter had died.  Could Voyager be another version of Viv Vision, maybe from the future?  Honestly, the main reason I am including her on this list is because the only thing we know about Voyager is that her name is Valerie Vector, and she has the same initials as Viv Vision.

Kobik - Kobik is in the unique position of being the character I most suspect to be Voyager and the character I least want to be Voyager.  Kobik is a chunk of cosmic cube that has given itself sentience as a small female child.  She has been at the heart of a lot of Marvel stories lately, and this seems pretty much exactly a role I can see her in, rewriting Marvel history to make herself into an important part of it.  For the most part, I enjoyed her role in Secret Empire, Thunderbolts, and Avengers Standoff, but I am just tired of everything revolving around her.  Time to move on.

Valeria Richards - Pretty much as soon as Voyager was announced, most people seemed to think it would end up being Valeria Richards.  Val and the rest of her immediate family have been gone since Secret Wars, helping to rebuild the multiverse.  I think this answer is too obvious, and so many people have guessed it that it is possible that even if she was the right answer, Marvel might have ended up changing it.  But if it is Valeria, and that serves to bring back the Fantastic Four into the Marvel universe, I would be perfectly happy with that.

Avenger X - About a year ago, Mark Waid wrote a series of stories set in early Avengers history that told us about a team member we had never heard of called Avenger X.  Avenger X joined around the same time Captain America started the second team of Avengers with Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.  But she turned out to be a villain, and ended up getting entombed by the Frightful Four.  It just seems real strange for Mark Waid to have written this story, and then turn around a year later to write a character who seems to have written herself into Avengers history.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe the creation of Voyager was inspired by that story.  But it’s still enough for me to list her on my suspect list.

Gwenpool - When I first heard of Gwenpool, I kind of thought it was just a joke.  But my friend Matt convinced me that I had to check her out.  Gwenpool turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Gwenpool comes from an alternate reality where she has read all the comics starring the Marvel characters, which gives her a deep knowledge about how comics work and how to deal with the Marvel universe.  In recent issues, Gwen has discovered that she has the ability to manipulate the comic itself, escaping from panels and tossing villains into the white space at the border of he comic pages.  This would certainly put her in position to be able to rewrite old comic stories to put herself in them...and she has been trying hard to become a hero lately.  It’s an odd answer, but one that fits it so many ways.  Especially since her own series is ending next month.

Beyonder - Beyonder was a powerful force in Secret Wars and Secret Wars II.  An alien being who became really curious about humanity.  We haven’t seen the Beyonder in a long time.  Even when Beyond! came out in 2006, it turned out not to have Beyonder in it. I actually don’t think this is all that likely a choice, but this does kind of fit his M.O….and to be honest, I kind of would love to know what the Beyonder has been up to.  He should have at least appeared in the recent Secret Wars event.

V'Ger - V’Ger - In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Earth is threatened by a powerful entity called V’Ger.  In the end of the movie, we find out that at its heart V’Ger was actually the Earth probe Voyager 6 that the entity had taken as an invitation to come check out its home world.  So, maybe that is the secret origin of Marvel’s Voyager too. Just to be clear, I am not saying that she's actually the Star Trek version of Voyager, but maybe some connection to the space probe we sent out as a way to contact alien life.

Triumph - Another unlikely candidate, but I am leaving no stone unturned here.  If you have never heard of Triumph, well you are not alone.  During DC’s Zero Hour event, Triumph was revealed to be a founding member of the Justice League that had been wiped from existence and everyone’s memory during an early outing with the team.  Seems like he has a lot in common with Voyager.  

If Triumph isn’t your cuppa, you can add Jean Loring, Vince McMahon, and Hank "Hawk" Hall to this list... 


Someone we’ve never seen before - I actually do think that this is the most likely answer...though the least interesting one.  If it’s a new character, I hope they can give her a compelling reason for rewriting history (if she was actually the one who rewrote it in the first place). We still have 15 issues left of No Surrender, but they are coming out weekly, so we should know in the next few months, I would think.