For Gerry Anderson Fans, Lost Worlds is a Found Treasure

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Lost World Gerry Anderson

Fans of Gerry Anderson rejoice. And really, if you’re into sci-fi, who isn’t a fan of Gerry Anderson? There can’t be many sci-fi fans who have not been affected by his creations at one time or another in their early development of the affection. Whether it was by THUNDERBIRDS, SPACE: 1999, UFO, STINGRAY, or another of his iconic shows, one way or another you were smitten by his creations.

Here now is a chance to see some of his “lost” treasures: from early examples of his work to pilots that were never picked up to alternate takes on pilots. There is a lot to offer in the neat little 2-DVD set for the Gerry Anderson fan in all of us (including a signed limited-edition postcard by Jamie Anderson) from MPI.

What I like about this collection is that it is concise in its contents, setting the stage for the shows (especially the early stuff) he would later develop such as SPACE: 1999 and UFO. In fact, one early show, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, while being very reminiscent of American Television’s LOST IN SPACE, had ships and scenes very similar to those used in SPACE: 1999 and UFO. It was even narrated by Ed Bishop, who would later play Commander Straker on that same show. It also had a young Brian Blessed, an acclaimed English actor whom I have always been a fan of since I first saw him in, of all things, Rowan Atkinson’s THE BLACK ADDER.

This collection has a little bit of many of the different things Gerry created and or was involved in. There are alternate takes of episodes, some full-length episodes, and some shorts, but they are all good and fun to watch. Some are also very reminiscent of some of the shows that Disney put out in the ‘60s on their WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY, when they would travel the U.S. showing the country--only in this case Europe--titled “Blue Skies Ahead,” (Blue Skies being a vacation tour bus/coach line). There is one animated “Rankin/Bass-like” short with a hint of SOUTH PARK to it that is both at the same time humorous and risque in terms of language and visuals; one might even say it is R-rated. Who’d a thunk!? But it is great watch, and f*u*n*n*y!

There is also a gallery of still images at the end of Disc 2 from several of the included shorts, allowing you to see close up some of his creations. When you can soak them in, you come away with even more appreciation of the skill and genius that was Gerry Anderson.

Though neither disc is long, and some of the video dated in color and sharpness, this is a great DVD set and would be an enjoyable addition to any sci-fi aficionado’s collection. I don’t know how long these have been lost, but I am sure glad they have been found, and are here now for all of us to enjoy.


DVD 1:

  • Blue Skies Ahead

  • The Investigator

  • The Day After Tomorrow: Into Infinity

  • Space Police: Star laws

  • Dick Spanner,P.I.: The Case Of The Missing Episode



  • Here Comes Kandy

  • Blue Cars Advert: Martians

  • Space Police: Cutting Cops

  • Space Police Reloaded

  • Space Police Reloaded: Test Footage

  • Image Galleries

    • The Investigator

    • The Day After Tomorrow

    • Space Police

    • Dick Spanner, P.I.

4.0 / 5.0