The Longbox Short-List - Week of January 17, 2018

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THE SPIRIT: THE CORPSE-MAKERS #5 – Yikes this issue was ridiculously late. I really like Dynamite’s SPIRIT books, but I always hate when a mini-series has a massive delay. Just seems like bad business, get the mini-series done before you solicit it. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of SPIRIT in Dynamite…but next time, I hope it comes out in a reasonable time frame.

AVENGERS #676 – I really enjoyed the first part of NO SURRENDER. The preview of this issue showed how Avengers history had been rewritten to accommodate the presence of Voyager. If nothing else, I loved seeing Pepe Larraz drawing on the style of old Avengers artists.

DAMAGE #1 – The first of the “new generation of DC.” Shame he doesn’t seem to have any connection to Damage from the 90’s. I liked that character especially as part of the Titans and JSA. This new Damage is a completely different character, and is part of DC’s post-Metal world. Real curious about this one.

WWE #13 – I may be the only person in the world who cares about this, but I am still pissed that they replaced Ryback in issue 12 with generic dreadlocked wrestler for the Shield’s debut. LAME! By the way, you can listen to Ryback’s podcast Conversation with the Big Guy every Monday with Phoenix Marie and Asian Joe. This is a cheap plug because I work on the podcast as a writer/researcher.

VENOM INC OMEGA #1 – I’ve been enjoying this crossover far more than I expected to. Fun to see a crime family using symbiotes. I am curious where Eddie Brock, Maniac, and Flash Thompson go from here. I am genuinely surprised that I care so much.

GENERATION X #86 – Nice to see the original team reunited…basically just before they are ending this series. I personally think if they had more of an emphasis on those characters throughout the early issues this series would still be around. Bring back Skin, Synch, and Mondo!

Brilliant Trash #3
Jimmy’s Bastards #6
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23
Batman #39
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #3 (Of 6)
Future Quest Presents #6
Green Lanterns #39
Justice League #37
Nightwing #37
Super Sons #12
Superman #39
Wonder Woman Conan #5 (Of 6)
Mage The Hero Denied #5 (Of 15)
All-New Wolverine #29
America #11
Champions #16
Doctor Strange #384
Mighty Thor #703
Monsters Unleashed #10
Spirits Of Vengeance #4 (Of 5)