Beauty vs Beasts in Zenescope's BELLE #2

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Belle: Beast Hunter #2

Annabelle DiMarco has a secret -- a secret life passed on to her from her mother, and her mother before her.

Because Belle is a beast hunter, someone who keeps humanity safe from the things that go bump in the night; or, more precisely, the things that eviscerate whole communities and swallow them up in eternal torment.

In the previous issue, we meet Belle as she's dealing with a sudden rash of public monster appearances, only to find her home under attack by something straight out of a Lovecraft novel. That particular beast (and its pets) consume the first half of this issue, with Belle barely escaping with her life -- and then only with the unexpected intervention of an unknown ally.

From that point forward, we are taken into Belle's civilian life -- her friends, her occupation, etc. And we even get an ominous history lesson about monster returning from the dead, one Belle's mother had supposedly already killed.

The issue wraps up with the reveal of Belle's newest ally in the war on supernatural beasts, although we find out nearly nothing about this new person beyond a face.

Dave Franchini and Bong Dazo deliver another fast-paced, highly detailed action story that blends superheroics with old world style and weaponry. They also make sure to tip the reader that the events of BELLE: BEAST HUNTER are indeed happening within the shared universe of the GRIMM FAIRY TALES characters by referencing their actions and locations, if not their names. (But we know who they are!)

With only six issues planned for the series, it's tempting to wait for the trade paperback. I suppose if you're into self denial and delayed gratification, that's okay. For those who can't wait to dig further into Belle's debut adventure, hit up your local comics shop this February 21 for your copy.

4.0 / 5.0