Marvel announces Fresh Start...their latest in a long series of Relaunches...

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From Polygon:

New series, new creative teams, new directions and new beginnings, promises a short announcement video on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube account today.


“I’ve never seen more enthusiasm and more excitement for where Marvel is going this year,” Cebulski said of the feeling within Marvel offices, just before the images of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor sweep across the screen — each character once again in their classic incarnation. The editor in chief also says the relaunch will feature the biggest line-wide change in artistic talent since 2012’s Marvel Now! relaunch.


Marvel’s numerous Avengers titles will be condensed to a single book, Avengers, which will kick off in Avengers #1 in May. Avengers will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuinness, and will publish 18 issues in a year, rather than the monthly 12.

The character lineup for the team will feature a “Big Three” of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man — each in their classic incarnations as Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson and Tony Stark — as well as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider and Jennifer Walters as Hulk. Doctor Strange will also temporarily join the group, in a “rotating slot.”

Source: Polygon

Commentary: Marvel, why do you make it so hard for me to love you?  Marvel Fresh Start...not to be confused with Marvel Legacy! Or Marvel Now!  Or All-New Marvel Now! Or Marvel Heroic Age.  How many relaunches do we need???

And once again, it looks like Marvel is messing with the numbering of their books causing more confusion.  I was really happy to see the Legacy numbering back, but it seems Marvel just was doing it to take advantage of a bunch of anniversaries before resorting back to their re-numbering ways.

Typically I don't care too much relaunches and renumbering...I get that they are gimmicks to try and grab readers, but at this point it just feels like a constant joke.  Marvel seems determined to frustrate long time readers and retailers, even the ones that stick by them.  It's just hard not to get cynical when it's very possible by the end of the year, we will have to announce Marvel's NEXT relaunch efforts.  How about just ensuring great comics that feature a mix of classic heroes, new characters, and quirky series that appeal to niche readers?  Gimmicks not required or desired.

This video doesn't really tell us why Marvel is getting a Fresh Start. or what it's all about..which I can't help but think it's because even they aren't particularly sure...