Best Comic Book Storyline of 2017 Goes to DC Comics for Dark Nights: Metal

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Dark Nights Metal Best of 2017

If there was a motto to my life, it would probably be this: So many comic books, so little time.

2017 certainly had its share of memorable storylines. Valiant's BLOODSHOT: SALVATION reinvigorated the character. DC Comics' THE OZ EFFECT has people guessing about the identity of the enigmatic Mr. Oz, while PAST TIMES AT SUPER HERO HIGH was a fun adventure with the cartoon-version of some of our favorite super heroes (in high school). Over at Marvel, fans continue to fall in love with MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR, while SECRET EMPIRE set fandom on its ear with the idea of an evil Captain America taking over the country with Hydra.

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Indeed, SECRET EMPIRE had a very strong showing in this year's poll of Critical Blast readers, coming in as our second place runner-up. But strong as it was, the winner outpaced it by double the votes!

Taking in a whopping 28% of all ballots cast, the winner of the award for Best Comics Storyline of 2017 goes to DC Comics for DARK NIGHTS: METAL. This winding saga reveals an entire other multiverse -- a Dark Multiverse -- of things that never should have happened. Here, we find multiple versions of Batman, twisted and evil, and banded together by the god Barbatos to invade the DC Universe and make it over.

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and a ton of others were involved in making this all happen, from the main story thread to the various one-shots and crossovers. It's been a real team effort, and the results speak for themselves. Congratulations to all involved in making great comics at DC.

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