Multiple Man to return as part of Marvel's Fresh Start

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It turns out you can’t keep a good Multiple Man down. Marvel Comics will launch a new Multiple Man miniseries starring Jamie Madrox this July from writer Matthew Rosenberg (New Mutants: Dead Souls, Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) and artist Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America), featuring covers by Marcos Martin.


“Yeah, Jamie is very dead,” Rosenberg tells “He was killed by the Terrigen Mists and all of his dupes died with him. But our book starts off with someone finding Jamie very not dead. But he is not long for this world. So the mystery of why he isn't dead and how to save himself is a big driving force of the story.

“If I were smarter I'd probably say some nonsense about how this was all about the duality of man and the Jungian archetypes that exist within us, how they are often oppositional, and how the ideas of who we are existed before us and continue beyond us. Maybe the book is about what we leave behind in the world for the people who love us and the people who don't, and how that story is never a complete picture. But, honestly, I just like Jamie Madrox a lot and I raised my hand in a meeting at the Marvel office and said, 'What if he wasn't dead?' and then they asked me to make up how that would work. And so... here we are. Dude's not dead.”


“As for Layla [Miller, Madrox’s wife], she isn't in this one,” Rosenberg says. “We're focussing on Jamie for now and getting him back on the board before we can get them back together... If we get them back together. But some other X-Factor folks are definitely going to pop up. I'm using a bunch of them in my New Mutants series already (shameless plug) so I didn't have to ask for a lot of permission to bring them over. And that's really what it's all about. Not asking for permission.”


Multiple Man #1, the first of five issues, goes on sale in July.


Commentary: From Weird Al's all-mutant themed album, Wings on her Fingers - " Multiple Man, Multiple Man, does whatever a Multiple Man can..."

Including escaping from death TWICE now!  Poor Madrox had the most pointless death ever as part of DEATH OF X, so I am glad that Matthew Rosenberg convinced Marvel to bring him back!   I've been a huge fan of the character since Peter David's first X-FACTOR run (which is where the above Weird Al homage comes from).  I am a little bummed out that we're not going to get Layla Miller, but all in good time, I hope.  It does sometimes feel like Peter David's later X-FACTOR run took place in it's own pocket universe (STRONG GUY, LORD OF HELL!).  But bringing back Jamie is just a first step, I hope!

Putting Matthew Rosenberg on the book is a great choice.  He seems to love the character and know the history well.  He is also doiong the upcoming NEW MUTANTS mini-series (not to mention PHOENIX RESURRECTION), so Rosenberg seems to be tied tightly to Marvel's mutants over the next few months.  That is a very good thing!