Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto to bring back Sentry into Marvel Fresh Start

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From Newsarama:

Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto are launching a new Sentry ongoing title as part of Marvel Comics' summer "Fresh Start" initiative.


“The Sentry is a fascinating character. I absolutely loved the original Sentry series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee when it first came out, so I jumped at the chance to write the character...The Sentry has a lot of emotional depth and a lot for me to dig into in terms of the psychology of the character. He is immensely powerful and has the potential to be one of the greatest and most important heroes in the Marvel Universe, but he is constantly undermined by his own dark side and his own self-doubt.”


Reynolds' dark side, the Void, will continue to play a big role in Sentry's life.

Sentry is scheduled to launch in June.

Source: Newsarama

Commentary: Like Lemire, I absolutely loved the original SENTRY mini-series.  It's always tricky to retroactively add a character into Marvel's extensive history, but it was done brilliantly.  I do think that Sentry has had a bit of trouble finding his place in the Marvel universe since.  Marvel isn't really set up for a Superman-like character in an ongoing fashion.  Hopefully Lemire can find the right balance to make Sentry work.  You know what I've always wanted to see in a Sentry comic?  A team-up with Adam Warlock.  I think the two characters could really relate to each other. Sentry has The Void and Warlock has Magus.

While writing this it occurred to me that Sentry could make for a very interesting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  You could even retcon him into older movies and say that he was always there.  And a character dealing with an external version of his own personal darkness has a lot of appeal to me.