Knight Moves: Gotham Episode 414, "Reunion"

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Gotham Reunion

It was a hot time in old Gotham last night, as multiple story threads just got a little more vicious.

First and foremost, Ivy Pepper (PEYTON LIST) has perfected her little killing plants, and sets her sights on the man who killed her father: Harvey Bullock (DONAL LOGUE). Combining the Lazarus Water stolen from the Wayne Foundation, the pollen from her newest blossoms kill within minutes, sprouting quickly from their victims and turning them into organic flower pots. And her next target is all the rich people at the Wayne Foundation charity fundraiser, including Bruce Wayne himself.

Speaking of young Bruce Wayne (DAVID MAZOUZ), his moment of reckoning last episode has made him see the light -- or, rather, the darkness within him. He knows who he is now, and has come out of his self-imposed stupor of asinine behavior. But that doesn't mean that Alfred (SEAN PERTWEE) is ready to forgive and forget just yet. Bruce will have to do more than apologize -- he's going to have to prove he's changed.

In the downtrodden neighborhood of The Narrows, Dr. Lee Thompkins (MORENA BACCARIN) has two threats against her, and she's only aware of one of them. Her ex-sister-in-law, Sofia Falcone (CRYSTAL REED) plans to use Lee to gain control over Captain Jim Gordon (BEN MCKENZIE). When her initial demand of a 30 percent tax on The Narrows can't be met, Lee asks for Sofia to offer up other information on Jim that she can use over him. But Sofia's not interested in controlling Jim; she wants to hurt him, and she'll go through Lee to do it. With traitors in Lee's midst, Sofia's henchmen hold Lee in place while Sofia takes a hammer to the doctor's left hand.

The other threat to Lee comes in the form of The Riddler, and he's being held at bay by Edward Nygma (CORY MICHAEL SMITH). Yes, they're the same person, but they're not the same personality. As Ed tries to drown his alter ego in pills, he finally accepts there's only one way out: suicide. This puts his Riddler persona in a panic, and he offers up another option for saving Lee from him without death -- by committing himself to Arkham Asylum. But this turns out to just be another step in The Riddler's plan to help his friend Oswald, who communicated to the Riddler via code that Nygma did not catch.

Ivy escapes capture by the police and runs smack into Selina (CAMREN BICONDOVA), who was laying in wait for her. She won't let Ivy continue her killing spree, and uses the last of the Lazarus Water as leverage while the two of them engage in a deadly battle. 

All the players are coming together at last, as Bruce Wayne takes a huge step toward assuming the mantle of the bat.

5.0 / 5.0