Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Available on DVD

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It's never the wrong time of the year to watch a Christmas special, particularly when it's one of the DOCTOR WHO episodes, as they are as momentous as they are charming.

This particular episode finds The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) heading off to Antarctica, where he intends to refrain from his next regeneration and allow himself to die. He quickly learns, interestingly enough, that this is not the first time he's decided to do this very thing, as he learns there is another TARDIS nearby -- and another Doctor. The original one, portrayed by DAVID BRADLEY as a dead ringer for the first Doctor, William Hartnell.

The two of them appearing in the same time, at the same place, puts a kink in the plans of a far-flung future agency that retrieves the near-dying moments before their death to record their memories and impressions. They find this out together when a third party, incongruous to their surroundings, suddenly appears -- a World War I British Army captain (MARK GATISS), who apears here by accident when he should have appeared in the future for processing before going back to be shot. Tracing the energy that pulled him here leads both Doctors to a future world where memories are stored in a special glass. The current Doctor is certain there is an evil plot afoot that must be stopped, but he is taken aback when confronted with a dead companion from his own past -- Bill Potts (PEARL MACKIE). 

As befits the best of the DOCTOR WHO specials, there are elegant twists and some pleasantly surprising turns -- and the Christmas Miracle that makes these specials both heartwarming and memorable. We get a welcomed last visit from former companion, Clara (JENNA COLEMAN) as well as Nardole (MATT LUCAS), before finally going through the anticipated regeneration and meeting the next Doctor in the form of JODIE WHITTAKER!

This DVD comes with a bonus feature, DOCTOR WHO EXTRA, which takes us behind the scenes of the making of the annual Christmas extravaganza, culminating in a sendoff for Peter Capaldi. It's a wonderful nightcap to a brilliant storyline.


5.0 / 5.0