Major Crimes Season 6 Wraps Series with Multi-Part Mysteries

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Major Crimes Season 6 on DVD

The police procedural is possibly one of the longest-lived, most successful television genres after the situation family comedy. From DRAGNET to ADAM-12, all the way to HILL STREET BLUES and LAW & ORDER, people love to watch the good guys at work bringing the bad guys to justice.

MAJOR CRIMES, the spin-off from the hit series, THE CLOSER, has wrapped its final season, which now finds its way onto DVD, as well as a complete series release, and the show definitely went out with a bang. As intense as the stories were, it's hard to believe there were only three major arcs in this final season: SANTUARY CITY, CONSPIRACY THEORY, and BY ANY MEANS. The show also breaks new ground by continuing on to the end of the season despite having written out a major character midway through, as we lose Sharon Raydor (MARY MCDONNELL) to health issues that leave her family -- husband Andy Flynn (TONY DENISON) and adopted son Rusty (GRAHAM PATRICK MARTIN) emotional wrecks. This, just as the biggest bad guy of Raydor's career is back with a vengeance -- serial killer Phillip Stroh (BILLY BURKE), who debuted in THE CLOSER.

Stroh is back to his serial killing ways, and Rusty, who had an association with Stroh at the beginning of the series, is naturally on the alert and under a protective detail. But what are Stroh's major objectives? What does he want? And how does it play into his new associate, a hacker named Dylan (WILL ATTENBOROUGH) with a penchant for underage girls like his girlfriend Ella (LEXI AINSWORTH)? There's big money at play here, and a family secret that goes deep into seedy territory, but Burke plays the part so well that he's got the audience's attention from start to finish, and the methods he uses to stay ahead of -- and manipulate -- the major crimes division of the LAPD are chilling!

Featuring outstanding performances from G.W. BAILEY, MICHAEl PAUl CHAN, and the rest of the ensemble cast, MAJOR CRIMES was a hallmark of the genre that will be missed.

This three-disc series includes a retrospective on the series, including interviews with the cast and crew of the series, topped off by a blooper reel.

4.5 / 5.0