Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 318, "The Last Heartbreak"

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Things could have gone a lot better on LUCIFER with Episode 3.18, "The Last Heartbreak." You have a serial killer copycat and the immortal cop who worked the previous case. That's pretty hard to screw up -- and, to be fair, the episode had a lot of great scenes in it, particularly those involving Lt. Marcus "Cain" Pierce (TOM WELLING) recalling moments from his life as a detective in the 1950s and an almost-relationship developed with Kay (FIONA GUBELMANN) and her current-day granddaughter, Maddie (also Gubelmann).

But the rest of the story simply falls flat. Pierce is definitely trying to establish a relationship with Detective Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN), and Lucifer (TOM ELLIS) is feeling the bitter sting of jealousy. But one would expect the devil to act a bit more devious about it -- with more confrontation and less whinging. And while I want to believe that Chloe can be a good detective, I lose that belief when the writers have her spot an obvious connection in the notes of a long-dead detective who investigated a serial killing case in the 1950s. But the final nail in the suspension-of-disbelief coffin was when the method was revealed as to how the killer locates addresses, and then the killer finds the address where Pierce and Decker are trying to trap him without that data getting released in the same way.

A bit more interesting were the interractions between Amenadiel (DB WOODSIDE) and Charlotte Richards (TRICIA HELFER). Amenadiel bumps into Charlotte in a coffee house for the first time since the events of last season, and instantly thinks his mother, the goddess, is back. Charlotte realizes that Amenadiel knows Lucifer, and therefore knows something about her missing time. Dr. Linda (RACHAEL HARRIS) cautions Amenadiel not to reveal this information to her, as it may break her, but when the episode closes it appears that Amenadiel is preparing to do just that.

Also, Mazikeen (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT) is coming further unglued after learning Amenadiel and Linda had a relationship that was kept from her. Her lifestyle is starting to impact Chloe and her daughter, Trixie (SCARLETT ESTEVEZ). When Trixie's father, Dan (KEVIN ALEJANDRO) confronts Mazikeen, the demon responds by saying hurtful things about everyone, including Trixie, whom she doesn't realize is standing behind her as she vents.

Here's hoping things can get a bit darker in the future for a series that's ostensibly about Hell, the Devil, and the punishment of evil.

3.0 / 5.0