Delays announced for New Mutants and X-Men Dark Phoenix movies

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From CNet:

20th Century Fox is changing around its movie release dates for the X-Men sequel "Dark Phoenix" and the X-Men character film "The New Mutants." 


Both comic book films are delayed until 2019, so "Bohemian Rhapsody," a biopic on the band Queen, can hit theaters on Nov. 2 instead of its original Dec. 25 opening date. 

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" is now pushed to February 2019 from its original Nov. 2, 2018 date. The original April 2018 release date for "The New Mutants" was reshuffled to February 2019, and now it's been moved again to Aug. 2, 2019

Source: CNET

Commentary: Honestly, I've never quite understood why movie studios announce release dates for movies so far in advance.  It just always feel awkward when they have to come out later on and announce that the date is changing...and they never really explain why the date got changed in the first place.  NEW MUTANTS in particular is pretty odd.  They had announced it was coming out April 2018, even releasing a new NEW MUTANTS comic series that focuses on a team of mutants dealing with supernatural threats.  And then they pushed it back until February 2019...ony to move it again to August 2, 2019.  This doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the movie for me.

Fox's claims that the reasons for moving X-MEN DARK PHOENIX is because they wanted to move up the Freddie Mercury biopic BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to X-Men's original November 2018 release date.  That just sounds incredibly random to me.  Fox had three X-Men films scheduled for this year, but now we are only getting DEADPOOL 2.  There is a lot of speculation that this is because of Disney buying Fox, and maybe the films are being changed to fit better in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I just don't buy it.  For some reason, Fox seems to have a lot of concerns with DARK PHOENIX and NEW MUTANTS...