Fox's "Choose Your own Adventure" puts control of the movie in the viewers' hands

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From The Hollywood Reporter:

Kino Industries' Ctrl Movie, a technology company billed as a "collaborative cinematic experience," is partnering with 20th Century Fox.

The tech allows the in-theater audiences to control the characters' actions throughout the film using the app that offers people dual commands during pivotal points in the films' action. Depending on the audiences' choices, the film will have a different plot, ending and even running time.

The first film Fox is developing using the new tech is, appropriately, a Choose Your Own Adventure feature based on the iconic 1980s book series.

Attached to produce is John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Productions, and Shannon Gilligan of Chooseco, the publisher of the book series.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Commentary: I loved CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE books when I was a kid.  I had been hearing for a while that they were looking to do a CYOA movie, but I didn't realize that they actually intended to give the audience the ability to control the movie.  That is a really cool concept.  Not sure how well it will play out in the real world, but it does sound like a real fun gimmick.

Video games like Mass Effect have a huge CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE element to them.  And I know that a few months ago Netflix had been experimenting with a Choose Your Own Adventure episode of their STRETCH ARMSTRONG series, but I never got around to checking it out.  Kids these days expect to have a lot more control over their entertainment, so CHOOSE YOUR YOUR ADVENTURE just makes sense.  I hope this technology does well, and they continue to find ways to intergrate original ideas like this into movies and television programs.  And definitely a lot more video games, especially when the choices have a real impact.