Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 322, "All Hands on Decker"

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Lucifer All Hands on Decker

Does anyone else think Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN) accepted a marriage proposal from Marcus Pierce (TOM WELLING) just a little too quickly? Well, you'r not the only ones. Lucifer Morningstar (TOM ELLIS) also realizes the window was shut on his opportunity to tell the detective how he feels about her, and he can't understand what made her jump at the offer.

To better understand Chloe, who is taking time off from work to plan her wedding, he decides to get into her head and roleplay her part, with Detective Daniel Espinoza (KEVIN ALEJANDRO) tagging along and pushed into playing the role of Lucifer. Their murder case centers around a dog breeding competition and a pregnant mastiff and, as is usual for an LUCIFER episode, shenanigans lead to insight as Lucifer gets angry with Dan and learns exactly how Chloe feels.

Chloe, meanwhile, is being conscripted into a bachelorette party, headed up by forensic scientist Ella Lopez (AIMEE GARCIA). But things go awry when she asks Maze (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT) to organize the actual party itinerary. Ella expects naughty-shaped cakes and male strippers, but Maze has a vested interest in seeing Chloe marry Marcus -- because Marcus is actually Cain, and Chloe's love may remove the mark that protects him so she can kill him. What Maze doesn't realize, however, is that Cain's mark has already been removed, and Cain now wants to live -- which interferes with Maze's grand plan for returning to Hell.

Evil vs. Evil: Charlotte (TRICIA HELFER) works to make the bachelorette party a naughty event, much to the chagrin of the demon, Mazikeen (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT), who needs it to remain wholesome.

One thing stands in Maze's way, however: Charlotte Richards (TRICIA HELFER), who may be better at being a demon than Maze is herself! Urged on by Amenadiel (DB WOODSIDE), Charlotte has a mission to plant and water seeds of doubt in Chloe's mind, so that the marriage does not move forward. And the party Maze has put together is decidedly wholesome so that Chloe doesn't get drunk and have last-minute recriminations. Which temptress will win the day? Ah, that would be telling!

While not action packed, and with Lucifer having even more inaction on his part with his new revelations, "All Hands on Decker" is pretty much a par-for-the-course episode of LUCIFER. Less than inspiring, but not an awful episode either. Just "connective tissue" between the good bits of storyline that pop up now and then.

3.5 / 5.0