Devil's Advocate: Lucifer Episode 324, "A Devil of My Word"

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Lucifer Season 3 Finale

What is it about canceling a series that suffers from the more-than-occasional mediocre episode that suddenly brings out the best in writers? The season (and series?) finale of LUCIFER is everything we've wanted the series to be, as all the loose ends are tied up, and a cliffhanger finale that will have shippers doing fanfic for years to come if the show doesn't get picked up for a fourth season.

Charlotte Richards (TRICIA HELFER) is dead, shot by Lt. Marcus Pierce (TOM WELLING) when he was actually trying to shoot Amenadiel (D.B. WOODSIDE). He did this because Pierce is also Cain, immortal murderer who lost his curse mark and believed killing God's favorite son would earn it back. But he missed. Charlotte died. Amenadiel got his wings back. And the angel flew the redeemed to Heaven.

Leaving Lucifer (TOM ELLIS), Dan Espinoza (KEVIN ALEJANDRO), Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN) and Ella Lopez (AIMEE GARCIA) to pick up the pieces and figure out the crime. Surprisingly, it's not Lucifer who dishes the dirt, but Dan, who finds Charlotte's case file on Pierce identifying him as The Sinnerman. Chloe remains hard to convince, but comes around quickly enough through her own human observation skills when Pierce calls a precinct meeting to put all available resources into finding Charlotte's killer.

The evidence at the scene points to a suspect Charlotte was prosecuting (JARED FARID WARD), It's a frame-up, which our heroes know. But finding who helped Pierce frame him takes a leap of deductive logic on Dan's part, which was nice to finally see. It was also nice to see Lucifer demonstrating sympathy for the man he has so long referred to as 'Detective Douche.' These are all things that have been missing from the series.

As the heroes and villains get closer to final combat, Chloe is still rejecting all of Lucifer's so-called metaphors about angels, demons, and so forth -- just as Lucifer has started to come around and realize that his Father isn't pulling any predestination strings, discovering the reason for his appearing wings and disappearing devil-face.

When Chloe and Lucifer do finally come face-to-face with Pierce, the scene is more than memorable, and sets the stage for a revelation to Chloe we've been waiting to see for three years!

Ensuring that nothing is left unresolved, we also see Maze (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT) reconcile with Linda (RACHAEL HARRIS), as she learns the hard way that feeling human emotions isn't a weakness, but a strength.

Alas, Fox has indeed pulled the plug on the show, and last night was a Twitter-rebellion -- led by Lucifer himself, appropriately enough, Tom Ellis -- to get #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer trending. We're doing the same. There've been some clunkers in this season, but the big picture is something we're still wanting to see more of.

5.0 / 5.0