Arrowverse welcomes it's first Bat-family character!

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From Hollywood Reporter:

The CW's annual Arrow-verse crossover is introducing a new DC Comics favorite.

Arrow star Stephen Amell announced Thursday at the network's upfront presentation that Batwoman will be introduced during the network's annual crossover event.

CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that the introducing of Batwoman will be the first time the character will make an appearance "on any screen." The character will be "fighting alongside" The CW's heroes, Amell said, with the crossover airing in December. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Commentary: FINALLY we get a Batfamily member in the Arrowverse!  It seems like they have been teasing this for years.  We've heard about Bludhaven, we've heard about Wayne Enterprises, but these always just seemed like Easter Eggs and no indication that Batman or any of his allies actually existed in the Arrowverse.  Kind of cool that the first one to show up is Batwoman, who has been one of DC's best characters since she was introduced a few years back.  I just wonder if this will lead to more Bat-crossovers.  Arrowverse continues to be far more successful than DC's movies, so maybe they will allow more of their characters to be featured here.   

I do want to add that Mark Pedowitz is slightly off. According to Wiki, Batwoman has appeared in a few animated movies and video games.