Cartoon Network to do new Thundercats cartoon in the style of Teen Titans Go

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From Entertainment Weekly:

EW can exclusively reveal that Warner Bros. Animation is bringing back the iconic cat-like aliens for new animated series called ThunderCats Roar, which will debut on Cartoon Network in 2019.


“I think the world that they built lends itself really well to comedy because of how silly and crazy and outlandish those ideas are and some of those settings are,” says producer Victor Courtright. “But at the same time, it wouldn’t be ThunderCats if it didn’t have super cool action elements because that’s what people came back to. It’s very much something that we want to lean on. So with the new show, we’re not walking away from the action in any bit. Every step we take towards comedy, we take two more towards really cool action scenes and explosions and lasers and actions effects.”


ThunderCats Roar stars Max Mittelman (Justice League Action) as Lion-O and Wilykat, Erica Lindbeck (DC Super Hero Girls) as Cheetara and Wilykit, Patrick Seitz (Justice League Action) as Tygra and Mumm-Ra, and Chris Jai Alex (Star Wars: Battlefront II) as Panthro.

ThunderCats Roar will premiere in 2019 on Cartoon Network.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Commentary: While I am a fan of TEEN TITANS GO!, I really don't think that this is something that should be repeated.  TEEN TITANS GO is a unique show, and I just don't have interest in seeing THUNDERCATS done this way.  I will admit that THUNDERCATS was one of my favorite cartoons and toy lines when I was a kid (just behind TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), so maybe that is why I am so against this idea.  But at the end of the day, it just looks lame to me.  Give me a relaunch in the spirit of DUCKTALES, not TEEN TITANS GO!