Wonderland's Revenge Takes Shape with Second Issue from Zenescope

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Revenge of Wonderland 2

When we reunited with Calie Liddle and her daughter, Violet, in REVENGE OF WONDERLAND #1, Raven Gregory had only gotten around to teasing about the new threat coming from the realm of madness. With this second issue, the throttle goes full bore, as The Duchess makes her appearance and adds yet another human to her growing group of faceless slaves, The Clubs.

Calie has been self-medicating to keep the madness at bay, denying that it could ever return, leaving Violet to be on guard for any incursions from the ruins of Wonderland, keeping watch for news stories of mysterious disappearances or weird sightings. When she comes across the story about the daycare incident from the first issue, she goes to investigate and sees things only visible to her eyes, clear indications that Wonderland has made its move and claimed more victims.

Unfortunately, when Violet finally connects with her mom to bring her this news, she is rejected out of hand, with Calie claiming Violet is seeing what she wants to see and that she should let things go and move on with her life. As the two part ways, Wonderland's actions -- but subtle and overt -- make themselves known to the reader, and Calie finally readies herself to go once more through the looking glass -- if it lets her.

Featuring some fast-paced storytelling from Gregory and gorgeous interior artwork from Allan Otero and Grostieta, REVENGE OF WONDERLAND #2 really gets the adventure into full swing, leaving the reader eager for the next issue.

4.0 / 5.0