Fit for Cosplay: Our November Bombshell, Steve Blake

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November Bombshell Steve Blake

Like many comics fans, I've got more than my share of superhero emblem t-shirts. And, like many convention-goers, I've dabbled with full-on cosplay.

Over the year of living the dad-life, the writer-life, the IT-life, and the married-to-a-great-cook-life, I've developed a personal philosophy about such things. To whit: There's nothing like putting on the garb of a super hero to remind yourself that I look nothing like one.

And then there are people like our November Bombshell. If my building's on fire, if there's a hostage situation at our offices, if there's a kitten stuck in a tree, our November Bombshell could show up in any of his outfits and I'd readily believe he was there to save the day.

But feel free to judge for yourselves, gentle readers, as Critical Blast most humbly presents our...






Critical Blast Bombshell, November 2018

Steve Blake

Tempest (DC Comics)

What is your interest in cosplay?

I live a fairly average life... work, gym, TV. Throw in some video games.... rinse and repeat. Putting on a costume transforms that mundane world into a fantasy where you are free to express your creativity. What I really enjoy is being part of a larger group effort that showcases a particular fandom.

How did you get into cosplay, and what was your first cosplay experience?

San Diego Comic Con, 2007. It was my first ever convention, and I knew nothing about what to expect. I had previously watched a show on the G4 channel, and it was showing clips from the previous SDCC - some of which showed people in costumes. I was sold. It looked like so much fun and I wanted to be a part of that! So, I tried to quickly find whatever I could online at the last minute and ended up finding a 90s Superboy spandex suit. I ended up wearing it every day of the con (gross I know, but I was so excited) and immediately became hooked; I had never been asked to be in someone's photograph. I'll admit that all the attention was pretty awesome.

How has your cosplay evolved since you began?

I really haven't expanded very much with the costumes that I've worn and made. I'd say that 90 percent of them I've either had commissioned or have bought pieces separately and just put them all together. I guess if I had to express some sort of evolution, it would be that as my levels of fitness have progressed throughout the years, the amount of fabric or spandex that I wear has been significantly reduced, LOL

Shazam (DC Comics)

What is your "secret identity" outside of cosplaying?

I'm in the business of developing and publishing standards for the welding industry.

What kind of social or charity activities do you get involved in with your cosplay?

None. I only put on the costumes at conventions, and these days I'm unfortunately just limited to DragonCon and HeroesCon.

Do you make as much of your own costume as possible or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying?

See item 3. I will say, though, that at the end of the day... it's a costume. How it was made, who made it, what type of material was used, if it was store bought.... it's all irrelevant. Why should any of that matter? So long as the person in the costume is having fun, that should be enough. We're playing dress-up.

What's your favorite cosplay, your "go to" look that you just love to put on and act out?

My favorite costume to cosplay in is as a Spartan soldier from the film 300. I have made lifelong friends, all because of a promise I made to a friend to get in shape to wear this costume. It really did change my life.

Spartans (300)

Where can people go to find you online?

Instagram: @steve___blake