5 Top Casino Games Based on Movies

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5 Top Casino Games Based on Movies

Often on this site, you will find list for the top 10 movies or the top 5 moments from a particular flick, but we thought we would reverse it and have a look at the top 5 casino games that are based directly on movies. There is actually a huge number of casino games based on movies out there, and you would be surprised to see some of the movie titles that have been released as officially branded slot games. Dirty Dancing, for example, became a smash hit slot game for Playtech, and you wouldn’t necessarily think the Patrick Swayze hit would match up to the world of casino gaming.

Anyway, we have picked five slots below that we believe are the best of the bunch. We have only picked officially licensed games, i.e. those that are created in partnership with the movie studios, and feature real video clips, imagery etc. We have also tried to create a balance between graphics, gameplay, payouts and faithfulness to the source material. Without further ado:

Top Gun

There is a lot of renewed interest in Tony Scott’s classic movie thanks to next year’s release of Top Gun: Maverick. The Top Gun slot features all the characters (using the actor’s real images, like Val Kilmer’s Iceman), except for one admission – Maverick. Obviously, the image rights for Tom Cruise were something of a sticking point. Regardless, this is a cracking game, which sees planes flying on to the reels to add special symbols for more wins. The highlight, however, is the big money Danger Zone Free Games feature. Top stuff. 


When Blueprint Gaming released Ted a couple of years ago, they brought something almost revolutionary to the online casino world. Not only is Ted full of special features and different bonus games, but it also uses a 3D version of Seth MacFarlane’s creation to direct the game. This guide to Canadian casino bonuses can help you learn how to play the game with free spins or bonus cash, because Ted has been one of the most popular slots on the planet over the last couple of years. A word of warning, however – Ted is just as risqué in the game as the film, so there are plenty of references to drugs and sex.

Superman II

One from the large selection of DC Comics slot games, Superman II is directly based on Richard Donner/Lester’s (depending on which cut you prefer) 1980 release. Again, what the developers Playtech have done well here is weave parts of the film into the fabric of the casino game, so you get bonus features based on the fight scene in Metropolis, the scene at the end of the movie in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and so on. One of the best slots around.



Gladiator Jackpot

Based on the Oscar-wining Russel Crowe movie, Gladiator has been among the world’s most popular slots for a few years now. The gameplay and graphics are terrific, and you will see plenty of imagery from Ridley Scott’s epic. However, the main draw in this game is the huge Gladiator Jackpot, which can award millions to a player on any spin. Be aware, however, that there is a non-jackpot version of the game.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

We spoke earlier about casino games honouring the original source material, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective slot does that with aplomb. It really hits the right notes with Jim Carrey’s madcap antics as the titular character, and like the Ted slot mentioned above, there are tons of different bonus games and features based on the movie. Don’t be put off by the silliness, however, as despite being a fun game, Ace Ventura slot can offer huge payouts.