Ben McKenzie Takes Best Actor in Broadcast Series in 2019 Readers' Poll

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Ben McKenzie Best Series Actor 2019

It used to be that we voted on the best actor of a television series. But ever since the advent of streaming services, we've struggled for what to call the collective shows that are available many different ways. Sometimes we still catch ourselves saying "Best Actor in a TV Series" even if the show, technically, didn't get shown on a traditional television broadcast.

The past year was a surfeit of choices for pop culture fans, especially if you wanted some live action superhero drama. And while some of the streaming shows got a nod, it was still the tradional broadcast media that led the pack this year, with RIVERDALE's Cole Sprouse taking 16 percent of the votes, just trailing Jean Smart for her portrayal of Agent Laurie Blake in HBO's WATCHMEN.

But the real battle for the crown came down to the policeman and the vigilante. With GOTHAM and ARROW both in their final seasons, fans were keen on watching the farewell performances of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, and Ben McKenzie as Gotham City's own Jim Gordon.

In the end, though, with a full 25 percent of all votes cast, it was Ben McKenzie who walks away with this years Critical Blast trophy for Best Actor in a Broadcast Series. Let's have a hearty "Jay Say Pay Day" for the only honest cop in a town that sorely needs a hero.