No Joke: Joaquin Phoenix Nabs Best Film Actor for 2019

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Joaquin Phoenix best actor 2019 joker

We've written before how so many of our Best of 2019 contests were nail-biters, close calls, and photo finishes.

That certainly wasn't an issue when it came to the readers selecting who they thought the Best Film Actor of 2019 was. In fact, the field quickly narrowed so that the only significantly reportable actors became a club of five.

Rosa Salazar and Brie Larson made up the superhero contingent of the pack, for their roles in ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL and CAPTAIN MARVEL, but both were overtaken by Taron Edgerton for his exuberant performance in the Elton John musical-biopic, ROCKETMAN. 

That left only two actors vying for the top spot in this years Best Film Actor category: Keanu Reeves for his performance in JOHN WICK 3, and Joaquin Phoenix, who disturbed audiences worldwide with his interpretation of the DC Comics villain, JOKER.

The votes weren't even close on this one folks. While Reeves took a sizeable 21 percent of all the votes taken, Phoenix simply ran away with this one, pulling in a whopping 49 percent of all votes cast.