Submission Possible a Road Trip of American Kink

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Submission Possible on Revry

Some television shows take the viewer on cross-country trips to find the best hidden restaurants. Others take you on house-hunting journeys, or tag along with CEOs who get an incognito look inside their own companies from a new perspective.

Madison Young's trek across America is to discover, illuminate, and partake of the sexual kinks practiced in different regions. And if you think that this is all something that stops with leather and handcuffs, then you've only read the opening sentence of the opening paragraph of the encyclopedia set of sexual paraphilia.

SUBMISSION POSSIBLE is a new series debuting on the virtual cable network, Revry, which boasts Queer TV 24/7. The pilot episode follows Madison to New Orleans, where she delves into kinks and fetishes that are surprisingly less tactile than one might initially anticipate. With a city as haunted and as haunting as the Big Easy, it's the perfect place to look up people who are into spectrophilia -- sexual arousal from ghosts or encounters with ghosts. (Also from images in mirrors, but that's a lot less spooky, so put that definition in your hip pocket for whenever it may come in handy.)

Unsurprisingly, there are several people in New Orleans who have claimed to have encountered ghosts, and more than a few who have found the experience a sexy one.

From there, we move on to sexual magic rituals, herbal aphrodisiacs, sex potions, erotic seances, and sex energy derived from having sex in a cemetary.

SUBMISSION POSSIBLE is not an over-produced docu-series. It's shot almost as one would a home video, with conversational hiccups and detours that a more polished series might edit out or reshoot. But that rawness is part of the appeal of the series. Additionally, for a series about sex and kinks, it's not all that sex-filled. There is frank discussion, and there are plenty of toys visible throughout. But any actual sex itself doesn't make it onto the screen -- at least, not yet.

If you're curious about what options are out there to trip people's triggers, especially if your'e looking for something to spice up your own sex life, tune in to Revry and catch this series. You might be surprised at what turns other people on -- and unexpectedly turn you in in return.

Subscribers of Revry Premium (Revry’s subscription on-demand offering) can watch the series premiere of Submission Possible starting June 19th on the Revry network (available on iOS, tvOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung and the web at Due to COVID-related production delays, new episodes will premiere in 2021. 

June 23, 2020 UPDATE: Check out our exclusive interview with host Madison Young below!