The 9th Raider a Post-Apocalyptic Film Based Around Blockchain

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The 9th Raider

Science fiction has been one of the most fascinating and popular genres in popular culture. Movie franchises such as Star Wars, for example, have become billion-dollar series on the back of fantastical technologies and advanced developments which captured the imagination of millions of fans. In fact, sometimes we have seen those technological advancements featured in films come true in real life as well. One well-known example of this is seen in the Star Trek series, where creator Gene Rodenberry included flip phones, back in the day when mobile phones of any sort were a pipe dream. Lo and behold, flip phones were all the rage 20 years ago until the advent of the iPhone and touchscreen smartphones. Thus, what is seen on screen can be found in real life one day, and so the arrival of The 9th Raider, which is a post-apocalyptic movie franchise which will also feature the likes of bitcoin and blockchain as technological advancements, will be extremely interesting to watch.

The 9th Raider is set in the year 2037, where eight apocalyptic events have turned Earth into a barren wasteland, where tribes fight each other to survive. The arrival of a ninth such event could spell doom for humanity, unless it has found a way to ride out the storm. The producers, M Digital Studios, are actually one of the leaders in the world in terms of building blockchain-based content platforms, whether they are movies, gaming or music. The aim of this is to create a more equitable environment, with fans able to access their favourite content easily, and also contribute financially towards the artists and stakeholders that created that content without middlemen cutting into the creators’ income. This is also interesting since there has always been a natural link between movies and new technology. Most of the new technology showcased in popular culture is a result of its popularity in the real world, and that is the case for cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well, which are seeing more and more acceptance in mainstream circles. This is largely being driven by the gambling industry, where the online gambling sector is seeing many operators include cryptocurrencies in their offerings. Operators are also using artificial intelligence to gauge consumer behaviour and tailor their services accordingly, or blockchain to secure transactions and also create reliable security around their financial information. Online casinos are also giving customers the option to make payments by using cryptocurrencies, which is being favoured as it is more secure and quicker than regular currency payments. These are just some of the ways in which online casinos are leading the way in terms of these innovations and new technologies.

In terms of this new movie, blockchain is actually a key plot point, with the technology helping to transform the new world. Blockchain technology is also helping to change the way content is created and consumed, allowing creators to also see in real-time how their content is being watched and how quickly it is spreading across the world through social media, word of mouth and other mediums. In fact, blockchain could also help change the way movie contracts are handled, with certain parameters being created which would automatically reward actors, writers and other artists when they are met. Thus, it has the potential to completely change the way the movie business works as well.

The 9th Raider is currently filming in Southern California in the USA, and has also partnered with to help create a real model to use in the movie which can help people survive and even thrive in the face of multiple disasters, based on blockchain and its various applications.