Corona Zombies: A Film to Sink Your Teeth Into While Waiting for Your Stimulus Check

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Corona Zombies

Full Moon Entertainment brings you the next evolution in cinema: Corona exploitation is here!

It was just a matter of time until low budget movie houses and indie filmmakers cashed in on the crisis. The first offering is here and sets a very low bar. In fact, I can hardly call this a movie. It’s more of spliced together mismatched clips from previous films intertwined with some original content and news footage of the recent corona virus outbreak.

Horror fans will recognize the films Hell of the Living Dead and Zombies vs. Strippers, which are the two films sampled in this movie. But Full Moon goes full Rifftraxx/Mystery Science Theater on them, overdubbing the dialog with social commentary of today and a forced humor that makes it sometimes wish you were quarantined from watching it.

The film stars Cody Renee Cameron as Barbie, who takes on the role of the Corona Cryptkeeper if you will by giving the segments something to come back to in between the spliced up, redubbed footage and looking for toilet paper at the same time.

Director Charles Band channels his inner Roger Corman by cranking out cheaply made features that rake in more than is spent filming. Needless to say, Roger would be proud, as Band even steals the soundtrack from the George Romero classic Dawn of the Dead.

Schlocky, tongue-in-cheek dialogue mixed with bad zombie movies from the early 80's and 2000's delivers everything the trash fire of 2020 was, wrapped up in a single 60-minute snooze-fest.

The only thing I can say is that Covid-19-based horror movies can only get better from here. I recommend you socially distance yourself from this movie at all costs.

1.0 / 5.0