CW App offers "Extended Cut" for Superman and Lois

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Superman and Lois

While it's not known yet if this will be a weekly occurrence, it's a nice way to keep those streaming numbers up. Offering live viewers an opportunity to get additional content, could keep those hardcore fans watching two nights in a row. SUPERMAN AND LOIS already broke records for the CW when it comes to ratings for Live+3 (which factors in streaming numbers) with over 2.7 million viewers.

So what important scene was left out of the episode that aired on TV? It certainly wasn't a brief moment between Clark and Lana. Instead it was an important exchange between Sam Lane and Superman.

In just two episodes, we've come to realize that General Lane accepts Superman as an ally (see also: weapon). When Captain Luther fails, yet again, in acquiring kryptonite from a military complex, Superman demands to know what he's looking for. That's when General Lane comes clean about his dirty secret.

He's been stockpiling kryptonite.

While he claims it's to protect Superman it's easy to see why the General may want a "kill switch" in case he can no longer use him as his own personal weapon. Viewers who watched the episode live would miss out on that vital information. Which makes you wonder how they intend to weave it into the show later, when only some of the audience knows what's happening with that plotline.

Do you like the use of an "extended cut" for streaming audiences?