The Mandalorian's Latest Episode is Trending for all the Wrong Reasons

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The latest episode of The Mandalorian has the fandom up in arms and at war with each other…again.


If you’ve been paying attention, season 3 of The Mandalorian has had a lot of cringe moments including poor dialogue and even worse story threads. Not to mention for the second season in a row they focus on a Mandalorian other than THE Mandalorian.


The most recent episode featured guest stars that felt more like a SNL parody, more than anything else. It also didn’t help that the story seemed like it was a Scooby-Doo mystery with a Star Wars spin. Does Christopher Lloyd need money; someone please check on him. We get to watch Lizzo fawn over Grogu in a creepy way by holding out a treat and luring him away from Din Djarin. Din, who just met this woman, just goes with it because it’s not like 90% of the people he’s encountered has tried to kidnap or kill Grogu.


Jack Black turns in a great performance as always but he’s out of place and his character is a bumbling fool always deferring to the ‘will of the people’. It’s a utopian society in which the people make all the decisions, even when their life is in danger he chooses not to protect them because the people love their droids. So, like any respectable leader does, he hires Bounty Hunter’s to enter their city (a“gun-free” zone) with their guns and find out why the re-programmed battle droids are attacking his people.


Enter Christopher Lloyd. The mastermind separatist with a plot so evil, rather than wreaking havoc on the city to spread his message throughout the galaxy, he corrupts a few random droids. Even when he’s discovered he has a ‘kill switch’ that WILL unleash all the battle droids but like any respectable Scooby Doo villain he gets caught monologuing and Bo-Katan zaps him in the most anti-climactic way.


Then Grogu gets knighted.


After that little side quest was completed, Our friends chased down some hired guns so a 1v1 helmet-less deathmatch could happen. Did anyone else notice that Bo-Katan had a blade out on her wrist and when she punched him, she apparently decided to retract the blade. Our protagonist won, only to be called out for not possessing the Dark Saber and not being able to rule Mandalore. Din, the gentleman that he is, admitted to losing the Dark Saber and Bo-Katan using it to defeat the beast that defeated him. If you recall, Din tried giving the Dark Saber to Bo-Katan and she refused it because “it’s not a gift”. It must be won in combat.


This time she’s cool with it being handed to her.


The Mandalorian’s worst episode had a good plot and it was wasted by a series of ego maniacal actors injecting themselves into a universe that doesn’t suit them at all. The only one who could have fit is Jack Black as his energetic personality could have made a great character, but he was handed the job of a bumbling fool who fawns over his wife, who is 20 years younger than him. Christopher Lloyd’s Separatist character had solid motivation, but the execution by the writer’s held him back. He could have been a character doing stuff behind the scenes for a whole story arc, causing droids to go haywire and terrorizing people all across the galaxy. But his character was wasted and he was banished without trial.


They could have done so much more with that plot. Oh, and if you were hoping I’d elaborate on Grogu getting knighted, you’re sadly mistaken. You get to remain just as confused as the rest of us.