Niall Horan Releases New Single "Meltdown" This Friday

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Niall Horan is prepared to release his second single “Meltdown”, this Friday, off of his highly anticipated, third album: THE SHOW. His first single, “Heaven”, was played by fans everywhere and it soared into the Top-100 upon its release and is currently over 65 million streams on Spotify.


As the former One Direction star prepares for “Meltdown” to be his next hit, he announced on Twitter that he’s also releasing additional, new merchandise on his website, even though he has a lot of new stuff available upon the announcement of the new album. THE SHOW is receiving a lot more attention than its predecessor, HEARTBREAK WEATHER. Released right before the COVID pandemic shut everything down, HEARTBREAK WEATHER came and went silently with very little promotion or accolades. Unable to go on tour and depressed about the unfortunate timing, Niall has all but forgotten about his second album, which should eventually be rediscovered over time.


Where HEARTBREAK WEATHER suffers from “middle child” syndrome, THE SHOW is Niall’s new “baby” and he couldn’t be more proud of it. Niall appears to be on the loose With boxed sets, an interactive website, lots of new merch, interviews, and guest judging on The Voice, Niall is on a promotional rampage that is anything but small talk.


According to Niall Horan himself, “Meltdown” is a banger at 170 BPM, which is on par with past hits such as: “Stressed Out” (Twenty One Pilots), “Runnin Down a Dream” (Tom Petty), and most notably “Bad Blood” (Taylor Swift). Is it too much to ask for lyrics ahead of the single's release? Well, thanks to a snippet from an Instagram reel we can even provide some insight as to some of the lyrics to “Meltdown”:



To total collapse

Just know this too shall pass

I’m tellin’ you now, tellin’ you now



(Woo, ooh)

When it all melts down, I’ll be there

(When it all melts down, woo, ooh)

(When it all melts down)

(Woo, ooh)

When it all melts down, I’ll be there

I’m tellin you now, tellin you now


[Verse 2]

When these walls in the truck (walls in the truck)


Now, we’re not sure if he’s actually singing about an actual “wall in the truck” as that seems a bit odd (no judgement here if he is), so perhaps his accent is coming through and it’s actually referring to something else. Either way, “Meltdown” is all about having anxiety but trusting that everything will work out okay.


On his Twitter account, Niall said, “The song is basically about feeling anxious and being in that kind of freaking out moment but knowing deep down that everything will be alright”. In today’s day and age after the pandemic and so many other things happening in the world, where HEARTBREAK WEATHER came at a bad time, “Meltdown” arrives just IN time.


“Meltdown” is available this Friday!