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Is Your Kickstarter Data Secure?

Kickstarter Security

It’s something everyone worries about, even if only a little, when putting all your information into some online form: Will my data be kept secure? Who is going to see this other than myself and the agent on the other end? Can I trust this website?

For the most part, with trusted entities, that answer is yes. Barring the occasional intrusion from bad actors working outside the network of a company, you can usually trust that your information won't be mishandled. (Sold to other companies, sure, or even made available to the government -- but that's a story for another day, right Mr. Zuckerberg?) 

So it was a bit alarming when a comic book artist began posting on his social media account the screenshots of personal communiques between Kickstarter and Richard C. Meyer, aka YouTube personality and pariah Diversity & Comics.


Hey Galilee! You've Got Friends at Critical Blast!

Galilee and Mom

Every once in a great while, a cause arises, a call that requires the action of heroes -- some super, some magical, some simply out of this world.

This time the call came from a little girl named Galilee -- okay, specifically it came from her mom via Facebook, because Galilee is only 5 years old. But it was a call nonetheless. It seems Galilee was having a very common problem with an enemy we've all faced in our lives: bullies.

To be sure, people around the world began to respond. But it caught our attention here when it entered the world of the cosplayers, thanks to a cosplayer named Savannah Marie.

"I met Galilee about two years ago at Cincinnati comic con," Savannah tells us. "I remember her so well because she had this beautiful red hair and was so overly excited to see me."


Why The Truth About Bert and Ernie Doesn't Matter

Anyone who knows anything about Frank Oz and especially Jim Henson should understand that they created the muppets to provide joy and entertainment to people of all ages.

What they mean to you is different than what they mean to your neighbor.

Recently former Sesame Street writer, Mark Saltzman, came out and said that Bert and Ernie are gay. What being gay means for a muppet is still yet to be determined, however, that was his point of view. Frank Oz, who created Bert and probably knows Jim Henson better than anyone outside of Henson's family, said that Bert isn't gay; he also questioned why their sexuality mattered?


The #ComicsGate Thing

The #ComicsGate Thing by Troy Riser

(What is this ComicsGate thing you keep hearing about? To some, it's a hate group, symbolizing old white guys whining about comics turning into political agitprop for social agendas. To others, it's a movement of fans who just want to read good comics again without having to endure stories where the writer's personal ideologies and philosophies have been shoe-horned into their favorite character's makeup.

It's a pretty big thing, and it's a pretty volatile one as well, with some comics professionals (so-called) making threats of violence (or at the very least wistful wishes of agonizing death and disease) against anyone who dares to align themselves with the movement.


Butt Seriously, Folks: Vertigo’s Robbi Rodriguez Bottoms Out

Rodriguez and Van Sciver

Some people talk through their ass. And then there are those who surpass the metaphor.

Case in point: Robbi Rodriguez, formerly of SPIDER-GWEN and newly appointed illustrator to Zoe Quinn’s Vertigo title, GODDESS MODE. In a moment of drunkenness poor decision making, Rodriguez decided to send a message to fellow comics professional, Ethan Van Sciver, involving an image of his opened gluteus maximus.


Rose McGowan Issues Statement Distancing Herself from Asia Argento

Rose McGowan and Asia Argento

The following statement has been released by Rose McGowan:

I would first of all like to start off this statement saying thank you for your patience. A lot of people have been demanding answers and a response to the recent events surrounding Asia Argento’s sexual assault case. Many people believe that because we have been close in each other’s lives over the past year that perhaps I am affiliated with this incident or being complicit. I am not. 


Forbes Contributor Gives Disney Path of Atonement for Firing James Gunn

James Gunn

Apparently Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson thinks Disney and Marvel must atone for the sin of firing James Gunn from his role as director and script writer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 after a history of pedophilia-related tweets came to light, and he's offered a few opportunities for the corporate HMFICs to "save face" in the way they proceed.

Heaven forfend Disney and Marvel should simply keep their focus on producing great movies. No, they must now be ready to not just hire a new director -- they have to cast one.


HOLSTERED: Disney Severs Ties with James Gunn; Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Up in the Air

James Gunn

It was a foregone conclusion that seemed to take forever, but the inevitable response has finally come down. Walt Disney Studios, parent company of Marvel Studios, has cut ties with Director James Gunn over a collection of tweets and blog statements that relied on pedophilia as a source of edgy humor.

While Gunn took to Twitter overnight to delete the tweets, critics wondered how Disney could see their way to keeping Gunn on the high-profile Marvel Cinematic Universe project, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, particularly in contrast to the swiftness with which Disney subsidiary, ABC Television, cut ties with Roseanne Barr after a tweet, despite her stratospheric tv ratings.


Stay Connected With Vero

Vero Logo

Social networking has become the new form of communication. We live online; constantly entangled with the web as we go through daily life. It’s on nearly every pc and smartphone/device. Social networking is not just a way to stay in contact with family and friends, it’s become a platform to see and be seen. 

Users build a social presence online, that presence is the deeply echoed mirror of how we like to be perceived. All social networking has done, is set standards for clicks and groups that you as a person aspire to be apart of. So, social networking is a platform that is a part of our daily lives in various ways. We aspire to different standards and keep up to date with the latest news and trends around the globe. 


Did Peter Fonda Tank Boundaries with Twitter Rant?


Peter Fonda drew shock and outrage across the country when he took to Twitter with a profanity-laced rant; and it may have been a bridge too far for moviegoers.

Taking to the Internet to vent about immigration policies, Fonda's comments included suggestions about tossing President Trump's son Barron into a cage with pedophiles. These comments went public barely a week before Fonda's newest movie, BOUNDARIES, was to see limited release from Sony Pictures.


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