Hooray for Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse!

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Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse 1 of 2

When unknown actor Michael May gets cast in the lead role of Captain Liberty, he thought it was the beginning of a dream. Instead, it was the first day of a living nightmare. While participating in a full-dress script reading with his co-stars in the "Defenders of Liberty" movie, May finds himself suddenly fighting off a zombie apocalypse alongside the likes of Kevin Could-Be-Hart, Dwayne Might-be-Johnson, Tom Looks-Like-Cruise, Bryan Not-Bad-Cranston, Selena Gotta-Be-Gomez, and Shia Quite-Possibly-Labeouf. God help us all.

There's so much to like in this pop culture parody that marries together elements of ARMY OF DARKNESS with zombie films like ZOMBIELAND and Yard Dog Press's BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE. The script from Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha is, in my estimation, screenplay ready for this to be adapted into one of the best science fiction B-movies, if only the right actors could be convinced to take on their roles.

I'm usually less-than-enthused about comics which make an effort to represent real-world actors in comic book form. The figures either look posed -- a sure sign the artist relied on still photographs of the subject -- or they look nothing at all like their real-world counterparts. This is not the case with David Lorenzo Riveiro's representations. While not always spot on, they are certainly a strong enough resemblance combined with the fluid dynamics that make them seamlessly fit into this comic book world.

Overall, Zenescope's HOLLYWOOD ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE has only one disappointing factor to it -- the fact that it's a limited series of two issues. This is a zombie-infested world in which I wouldn't mind spending a little more time.

4.5 / 5.0