DVD Giveaway - Shalom Sesame: The Complete Series

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Shalom Sesame Complete Series

This contest has completed. The randomly selected winner is LORI W. of RESTON, VA.

SESAME STREET has always embraced cultural inclusion, with versions of the show appearing in several countries, in many languages, around the globe.

With SHALOM SESAME, children learn about Jewish customs and traditions through the eyes of Grover, who travels to Israel in this unique series. Critical Blast is proud to present this opportunity to win a copy of SHALOM SESAME: THE COMPLETE SERIES, perfect for your classroom or home, or for a special Hanukkah gift.

To enter for your chance to win this DVD set, complete and submit the form below. You may want to check out our complete rules. Critical Blast does not sell or make available any personal information, and all entries are destroyed upon confirmation of product delivery to the randomly selected winner.

This contest runs through November 23, 2014.