It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Krampus with Zenescope's Holiday GFT

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Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Holiday Edition

It would be an easy, predictable thing for the folks at Zenescope to make a mythical character like Santa Claus the focus of their holiday issue. Which is probably why they did exactly the opposite, and chose a more obscure holiday-related icon to weave a story around: Krampus!

What's that you say? You've never heard of Krampus? (Why do I feel like an animated Burl Ives should start singing an introduction here?)

You can do your own googling of the puckish little imp who leaves coins in the shoes of good children on Christmas, while shoving the naughty ones into a bag and beating them with a stick. Zenescope, of course, is going to have their own modified take on the legend, beginning with an origin story out of Myst. It's a tale told to the next generation of guardians-in-training, who meet it with their usual cynicism -- but it's one with far too much current relevance to one of our heroes, who must face off with Krampus in the here-and-now.

Written by Anne Toole with artwork by Butch Mapa, the GRIMM FAIRY TALES 2014 HOLIDAY EDITION once again shows how Zenescope can take an obscure myth and turn it into a compelling modern drama.

4.0 / 5.0