Tammy No Debbie Reynolds

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Tammy on Blu-Ray

Melissa McCarthy's titular character, Tammy, is having a rough day. She hits a deer, is late for work, gets fired, goes home to find her husband at the table with another woman, and moves back to her mother two doors over, where she promptly announces she's shaking the dirt off her feet from this nowhere town -- again. This culminates in a wild, mouthy road trip with her grandmother (played by Susan Sarandon) to Niagara Falls, with no map, no plan, and no filters.

Tammy's a mixture of obstinate confidence and idiocy. Grandma just wants to be free of her diabetes medication. Together, they trash a car, get arrested, get arrested again, and ultimately reach the happy ending that Thelma and Louise never got. It has several funny scenes in it, but never really makes up its mind if it wants to be a film of madcap stupidity or a romantic comedy. It also doesn't make much of its supporting cast members: Allison Janney literally phones her lines in for most of the film. Dan Aykroyd's appearance is almost an afterthought. Kathy Bates appears halfway through the film and has some of the best scenes, but for the most part this film is all McCarthy and Sarandon. And that could be enough if they were in a better vehicle (and I don't mean the car they trash).

This Blu-ray release includes a handful of bonus behind-the-scenes features, including clips from McCarthy's real road trip with director ben Falcone, but mostly if you've seen the film you've seen the bonuses.

Rated R for a good reason, TAMMY is mildly entertaining but not exactly one of those films you would regret having missed.

3.0 / 5.0