Contest: Ring in 2015 With Zenescope's Grimm Girls

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Zenescope 2015 Grimm Girls Calendar


Seong P. of Lucerne Valley, CA

Stephanie M of Milwaukee, WI

Doug B of Plymouth, MN


Congratulations to all our winners!

So, I'm barely getting used to not writing 2013 on my checks, and now 2015 is barreling in on me like that asteroid in ARMAGEDDON.

So, if you're days are numbered already, you may as well enjoy the numbering as much as you can. And what better way than with the gorgeous pin-up art stylings of Jamie Tyndall and his representations of the Grimm Girls of Zenescope Entertainment?

The good folks at Zenescope have blessed us with three very-hard-to-part-with copies of the 2015 calendar -- but our better natures (and stern looks from the missus) have convinced us to pass along the good fortune to our readers. This calendar will have you linger through January, cleave to March, hold fast to September, and clutch on to December with the alluring assistance of the Queen of Hearts, Red Riding Hood, Calie Liddle, Sela Mathers, and the other femme fatales who make Zenescope's GRIMM FAIRY TALES famous.

Each of Tyndall's portraits is exquisitely rendered, with great attention to the details of the figures and of their accompanying weapons, props and background. But the real stroke of genius to this calendar is the format of the months! As you complete a month and flip the page, the backside of the grid is another copy of the artwork -- only this time larger, and unencumbered by the enumeration of days. Yes, what you're getting here isn't just a spiral-bound oversized calendar, but a set of twelve ready-to-display pinups that will knock your socks off!



Start your new year right with Zenescope and the Girls of Grimm Fairy Tales. Fill out the form below and cross your fingers and toes. Be sure to review our rules and regulations, and rest assured that your information will not be sold, loaned out, used in incantations, or otherwise compromised, and all entries will be deleted upon delivery of prizes to the winner.

This contest will run through December 8, 2014.