DVD Giveaway: The Kroll Show Seasons One and Two

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The Kroll Show Seasons One and Two

This contest has ended. The selected winners are:

Kenneth H. of Elkins, WV (signed copy)

David S. of Denver, CO (standard copy)


Now here's something we don't get every day: a signed DVD!

We have available two copies of Nick Kroll's KROLL SHOW: Seasons One and Two. One of them is signed, the other not. Our first randomly selected entry will received the signed copy, and the runner-up will get the unsigned one.

What's it about: From the unique mind of Nick Kroll comes a new sketch series, Kroll Show, satirizing our television obsessed culture and the rabid fan base it breeds. More than just a collection of sketches, Kroll Show is about giving Nick's fans a chance to see his of-the-moment take on pop culture, sports news, nightclub culture, and what defines celebrity with characters and storylines that recur throughout each season.

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Now on DVD.


This contest will run through December 29, 2014.