Power Rangers Seasons 4-7 Giveaway

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This contest is over. The randomly selected winner is: LINDSAY D. of URBANA, OH.


Well, we promised you it was coming, and now it's here. On the heels of our POWER RANGERS COMPLETE SERIES giveaway, we now have POWER RANGERS SEASONS 4-7 -- the series that came after the "complete" series.

This hotly sought after series by fans of Saban's POWER RANGERS show includes the story arcs ZEO, TURBO, IN SPACE and LOST GALAXY, and includes a bonus disc of extra features.

But how, you may ask, can you make this set yours? Well, one way is to be the randomly selected winner of this contest, which is as simple as entering your information in the form below! Really, it's that easy!



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This contest will run through March 26, 2015, and all entries will be deleted upon delivery confirmation of the prize to the randomly selected winner.