Win Welcome to Sweden, Season 1 on DVD

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Welcome to Sweden Season One DVD Critical Blast

This contest has ended. The winner is DAVID P of NORTH HILLS, CA.

From executive producer Amy Poehler and Creator Greg Poehler comes what The Los Angeles Times calls "The best thing to happen to broadcast-network comedy since MODERN FAMILY."

Bruce is an accountant ready to start a new life with his smart and sexy Swedish girlfriend Emma, but moving from New York City to Sweden isn't as easy as he thought. With new customs, new cuisine, her outlandish family and his needy, but hilarious celebrity clients hindering his efforts to adjust, no one is sure if Bruce and Emma's love will survive this comical culture clash.

This two-disc set contains all ten episodes of the series, which releases May 19, 2015. But if you're lucky, all you have to do is be the randomly selected entrant from this giveaway. Just enter your information in the form below and click. It's so easy, we could print the directions in Swedish! (But we won't.)





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