Good Grief! Dream Big This November with The Peanuts Movie

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He's always been a good man -- even though he's still just a kid all these decades later.

I'm talking about good old Charlie Brown, of course, the underdog front man of Charles Schulz classic PEANUTS cartoon strip.

This fall, a whole new generation will be introduced to the PEANUTS gang -- Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, Freida, Franklin, Schroeder, Pig Pen, Peppermint Patty and Marcy -- and naturally the irrepressible Snoopy and his best buddy Woodstock.

While I at first was not very fond of the three-dimensional CGI treatment, it's growing on me, and I think the animators have done a find job making the characters visually acceptable to this new generation of viewers while also staying true to the original two-dimensional images that my generation fell in love with every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Add your own comments below to tell us what you think about THE PEANUTS MOVIE.

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