Gods and Monsters Chronicles #3 - "Big" (Wonder Woman)

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Rounding out our coverage of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS CHRONICLES is the third episode. This one is called "Big" and is all about Wonder Woman.    


You know, the HR-V ads before these videos are WAAAAYYYYY off theme.  The narrator is so bright and cheery, it takes a second to adjust back into the dark tone GODS AND MONSTERS has going for it.  

This one starts with President Waller sending Agent Steve Trevor to infilitrate Kobra to find a powerful new weapon they are building.  Kobra is about to execute him when suddenly Wonder Woman appears through a Boom Tube to rescue him.  They quickly defeat Kobra, but Kobra is able to activate their secret weapon, Gigantra!  Actually, a giant robot.

More than the other two, this episode really had more of a classic superhero feel to it.  Wonder Woman being Barda is pretty cool.  I will admit that just because of how different they were, I preferred the Superman and Batman episodes, but this one was still very good.  I definitely hope we get more of these!

4.0 / 5.0