Dinosaurs vs Machines: Past to the Future

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John Connor had it all wrong. Instead of sending his best friend back in time to save his mother, he should've sent someone to round up the dinosaurs.

JURASSIC WORLD, having been in theaters, for several weeks, is still rampaging through the box office. Unfortunately, for the latest rise of the machines, Terminator was crushed under the weight of a movie with an indominus spirit. In an attempt to re-invigorate a once popular franchise, TERMINATOR: GENISYS was unable to meet opening weekend expectations as it failed to exceed $30 million.

Meanwhile Chris Pratt and his prehistoric partners continued to claw its way to new heights, as it refuses to go extinct. Once again landing in the top spot at the box office (although, in a reversal of fortunes, Disney/Pixar's INSIDE OUT was a close second). With a domestic gross exceeding $550 million it's clear that people are more interested in watching the past come alive, as opposed to the future invading the present.

Are you still with me?

With planned sequels to GENISYS, the future now becomes unclear for the latest chapter in Skynet's attempt to rule the world. With Marvel Studios ANT-MAN premiere crawling ever so closer, Schwarzenegger's sci-fi franchise may get sent to the scrap heap.

Next weekend may be the Terminator's only chance at salvation.

And if you haven't gotten sick of my movie puns yet, don't worry...

"I'll be back."

Source: The Numbers