SDCC 2015 Survival Guide

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SDCC 2015 Guide Click Communications
PR stuff. We get it. Some of it, we ignore, some of it we use.
And sometimes it's just too good not to share with our readers. Like this San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide from our friends at Click Communications. Enjoy!


Greetings, fellow geeks!
With Comic-Con jumping the gun by 2 weeks, and D23 close on its heels, there’s no better digital companion than Click’s 8th annual Comic-Con Survival Guide! From sci-fi, horror & superhero movies to fake swear words and quality comic book suggestions, you’ll find plenty to read for at least 5 minutes while you stand in line for a panel or interview or party or taxi or dinner table or hotel room or drink or swag bag. This Guide was created purely for entertainment purposes to help geeks and non-geeks alike navigate the marketing maelstrom know as Comic-Con. We hope you enjoy!
Safe travels and may your bags of holding carry all that you can get your hands on!*
Your friends @ Click
*(if you get your hands on an extra Book of Vishanti, let me know. Or the plush Han in Carbonite. Maybe the Superman Lego set. And Sam Wilson Lego minifig. And Arsenal. OH! Bloody JAWS, too.)