Is Taylor Swift Bringing 'Bad Blood' to X-Men Apocalypse?

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What is pop superstar Taylor Swift doing on the set of X-Men Apocalypse? Writer/producer Simon Kinberg shared a photo of Taylor, himself, Sophie Turner and a bald James McAvoy on his Twitter account.

Haters gonna hate. @taylorswift13 #jamesmcavoy @SophieT

— Simon Kinberg (@Kinberg) July 8, 2015

So let's fill this blank space, starting with the most boring reason and working our way up to the juciest rumor:

Shake it Off - She's simply a fan and happened to be in the area. Her popularity is sure to get her access wherever she goes.

Everything has Changed - Typically musical scores are orchestrated for comic book adaptations, but what if they decide to do something different? As one of the hottest singer/songwriter's, maybe she's been asked to develop an 80's style theme song for the movie. The 80's (the timeframe in which X-Men Apocalypse occurs) were known for iconic music and who better to bring in than the best in the biz? Hate all you want, but there's no denying her chart topping success.

Begin Again - It's not uncommon for musicians to step into acting roles, as doing music videos prepares them for the experience. Often it starts a new beginning for their career. There's a certain mutant singing sensation known as Dazzler who would fit perfectly in a cameo appearance for this movie. Given her fearless performance in the 'Bad Blood' music video, it's possible Taylor was invited to appear in the movie. So while we know all too well that this is probably just rumor mongering, speak now, and let us know what you think!

I don't know about you, but I'm enchanted by this news.